Thursday, January 25, 2018

A "Alter Ego" - 1

Once there was a boy, with rainbow dreams and happy endings.

I remember the look on his face every morning before heading to work, the smile that he shares to the world outside, all the beautiful things his mind could imagine.

I remember the way he clothes himself as if he steps out of a magazine, the pretty gaze of solitude and perfectionism. A total narcissist without apprehension. The love a person has for himself which goes beyond borders.

It was contagious. It was young. Different. It was out of this world even.

He was full of optimism. As if he believed in the good and nothing more.

Now, as he grew up to be a man of doubt. All the happiness seems to be washed away with the truth.

That the world isn't as nice as he'd hope. How could such a person become so damaged? What are the lies he witnessed? What are the hardships he has endured? What changed him?

This is a story of a boy...