Tuesday, June 21, 2011

*a vow i keep*

they say love stories are written in the sky.
that it lives forever within today's eye.
with memories that do not die.
in my heart, i know it doesn't lie.
in the many faces that touched my life,
the smiles and glances I've seen gone by,
to the gloom of broken hearts, i say goodbye.

in my past life, i know i was with you.

seeing you each and every day,
the tender hugs and soft kisses goodnight,
i know its the only thing on my mind.

in this life, i believe im for you.

holding your hands through the rain,
dancing in the street with no name,
i know in this life, its meant to be.

when a hundred years fly by.
with love and joy on the day i die.
i will dream about you and i.

in the next life i'll seek again.
for the love of you and i.

because by then, im certain.

we'll be together again.