Wednesday, November 30, 2011


homayghadddd! whats going on?!?!!

well, it just dawned on me... there is something terribly wrong with a lot of people in facebook. seriously. kahit friend ko eh may kulang. maluwag ang tornilyo sa utak or wala talagang turnilyo? ewan ko. na-stress ang beauty ko...

heniwei. i will post the stupid stuff ive read today.

DRB : "happiness is not a destination but a method of life" --- anudawwww? ate, hindi talaga siya destination... kasi hindi siya lugar.... method of life? ate... hindi din siya method. nagaral ka ba talaga? gurl!!! emotion siya. alam mo yung emotion? pakiramdam...

NV : "if you cannot trust the SNAKE, you also cannot trust the MONKEY" --- i love you ate, but you lost me at snake and monkey.

BT : "i want to see your cute brain" --- hanudaw? ate, i admire you cause of the things youve done, but based on certain common notions... cute naturally pertains to anything small. so are you saying "i want to see your small brain" ??? lost in the moment ang beauty ko...

BC : "i want STEAK. with lots and lots of gravy and mashed potato" --- teh, osso bucco ata gusto mo... steak is normally rare without all the fuss of starch and the likes. no gravy... pwedeng oil and very little lemon zest... well, thats if you really eat steak.

hay naku... ang mean ko na... madami pa yan... well. ay nakuuuu. lost lang ang beauty ko today... siguro kelangan ko ng bonggang bonggang sex!