Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*the uncountable facets of love*

*As brief as the sun rises and the sun sets, the feeling that lingers remain seen by our souls through eternity, like the love i give you, assurance of forever*

before everything else, i do have to inform you dear readers that my tiny game was in dire forfeit since someone who knows the answer told someone else about it who tried to join and told me online at my FB account. horrible horrible. play fair dear fucktards. anyway, the right answer would be = they are all my secrets. tada! i know i know, i am such a horrible person. but then again, i wouldnt know. so next time, i'll prolly get a dti permit for throwing contests or something. anywho, if you have further comments and suggestions, you can easily tell me. i dont bite. ;-)

moving on... present day crazy. i have to admit, maybe, just maybe. maybe this is love. or i dont know. i actually couldnt figure it out yet. though seriously, these are things ive never felt before. i dont know how to control or feel at times that its actually too much for me to process. paranoia is indeed an asshole and trust i thought was a good friend. situations that i have never imagined possible. 

i marvel at the word love. its something i know i have never experienced before.