Thursday, August 19, 2010

*when do you stop?*

--- pardon this post... its actually an overflow of thoughts i couldnt contain...

who is to blame when youve given too much? disappointment is a part of having expectations. there would be times when you hope for too much in someone that they end up delivering pain rather than happiness.

like what i always say, reason for reasons. notions that are unexplained leaving you with more questions. rather yet, notions you wish not to explain because acceptance is far from sight. how do we define "too much"?

a pile of emotions was fleeting the condo last night, a birthday dinner gone stale and love that was given, thrown out the window. tragic as love stories normally are, i gave my dear friends the usual talk i have with them.

love. wonderful. yet, never enough to keep a relationship going. meeting halfway, compromises, understanding and acceptance.

a conversation last night solidified my values when it comes to relationships. it is indeed factual for me. a relationship is quite easy, yet people normally complicate it.

i have witnessed relationships of gold and honesty end in non humorous gratifications for oneself.

i dont know. right now, the memory of that conversation will forever imprint a thought in my head.

if it doesnt work, dont push it. at the end of the day, if its not working, it never will.

Friday, August 13, 2010

*a glimmer of hope*

Never ending tall tales of magical moments and glorious gratifications. Love as an objective and being lonely as its antagonist. Lights glancing with the dances of the moment. Meaningless contradictions. I am alone.

*for those ive said which i never meant*

My mind veered away in space for a silent moment. A nuisance in denial for journeys and numerous destinations. I hunger in pain of the love that dwells in my mind. My being succumbs to lights that show wisdom. Tragic in anger and sanity within the walls of my surrealism.

I recon the days I scream my name. Those moments in which I am lost within myself. I keep trying to answer questions of my lonliness. The situations in my head that translates in numerous ways.