Wednesday, July 13, 2011

♥ undefined boundaries // part une

"i would call you up, every saturday night, and we'd both stay out, until the morning light, and we sang, here we go again, and though time goes by, i will always be, in a club with you, in 1973, singing here we go again"

i walked up to the cashier and paid for my beer and cigs when he walked in, looking effortlessly hot, i felt his warm hands touch my shoulders as he said hello.

i smiled and told him i had to go, i rushed off leaving my change behind. a gentleman he is, ran after me and screamed my name.

as i looked back, his body near mine. his breathe rummaged through my skin and held me in his arms. an accidental hug it is.

in front of the busy 8pm crowd, he asked me a question i dreaded hearing.

"why do you look naked?"

i bear to disagree. i was wearing really comfy summer shorts, and a purple shirt with relatively low neckline. hence the occasional nipple slip which is perfectly fine since im still a boy.

i answered without hesitation "its none of your business" and walked away.

the sky cried a fathomable amount of self questioning. i was in the middle of a horrible debate equivalent to the pain of a woman scorned through the perils of a cheating husband.

a minute walk and i couldnt care less. our time has long passed and whatever he does or wherever he is, is none of my business.

by the time i reached the elevator, the scent of nostalgic dances caressed me soulfully. the happy memories eluded my tender lips goodbye.

not a tear shed. i wished never to see him again.

in my quiet illusion of sweet nothings, i ended up calling my dear friend L for a stick chat. figuring out things and things beyond things, we routed for the usual questioning of whats wrong in everyone else's relationships thus leading us to bestfriends G and J.

to be continued...

(stick chat // dramatic exchanges while smoking)

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