Wednesday, July 13, 2011

♥ undefined boundaries // part deux

a relationship is unrecognizable unless heard both ways.

in every story, there will always be reasons unheard by people from outside yet given grace to facts that are seen only by those outside the relationship.

bestfriends G and J. upon recognizing the antics of love in numerous ways, questions have been asked. only G had the liberty of putting it out there.

it is said, that G and J have been friends online for the longest time.
it is said, that J confessed his feelings for G long ago.

but then, in between years and months, (we dont know where to start). its clear that they only met face to face last summer.

G confessed love to J.

somewhere along the lines of i dont know and lets not waste the friendship. it struck me like a dog electricuted, then cut into pieces, turned into stew and fed to dogs again.

what is wrong in this picture?

my deviant soul singing and screaming.

could it be that J fell in love with pictures of G and the man he is before they met in person? thus leaving bitter after taste upon the actual face to face conversation? could it be that J was attracted to G's picture and not G in person?

im amused by how they turned out. bestfriends? who are we joking here? really? cmon. we're not kids anymore.

its a fact, when you date a guy, you dont just date the guy, you date his friends and family as well. hmmm. depends if the guy is open to the family but going right back to where things are, you also date the set of friends the guy has.

could it be that J simply cant bid farewell since he likes the company he gets when he's with G?

its question after question.

if you really like a guy, no matter what "lets be friends" conversation you have, youd still be attracted to the guy and simply build a foundation of friendship before dropping the "i like you" line all over again.

hmmmm. is it me or am i too bad given my thoughts of another almost are?

is "lets be friends" another way of dumping a dude?

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