Tuesday, July 19, 2011

|| cheat·ing || - - - [ part 1 ]

(sorry for not being able to post my peeping tom experiences for the past couple of days. i have been out of town for business and nothing "happening" was going on. tragically, it was as boring as driving a stick shift for hours alone)

cheat·ing /–verb : to deceive; he cheated on his boyfriend with his boyfriend's friend.

11:00 PM // i woke up to the sound of a scorned man screaming at the top of his lungs over the telephone. my dear flatmate "kunin mo na lahat ng gamit mo dito! hindi ako magpapakita sayo! wala akong pakialam!". my body told me to stay away from the scene while my mind kept insisting i check whats going on. its given, my lazy ass kept on rubbing itself on the sweet russian sheets and back to dreamland it demanded.

2:30 AM // the emotional stains of silence has kept the condo cold and gloomy, traces of pain, anger and losing oneself filled the air with questions after speculations. i remained quiet in a corner puffing through clouds of assumption and and imagination.

3:00 AM // L arrived noisily amidst the remains of what seemed to be a spectator's vision of a relationship. i then asked him to accompany me downstairs to buy cigs, food and coke.

the normal "us" would go straight to the cigarettes and usual gossip about what happened to everyone else today. but this time, we waited for the perfect moment to talk about whatever we think it was. we were quiet for a while, we bought the things we wanted to buy and kept mum.

we got back to the condo but never entered, we stayed outside the door, sat with our food, drinks and cigs. L told me straight out "there were 3 huge garbage bags outside the condo earlier. they were N's things. R left it outside and was very angry" i told him straight out i heard what was going on, i heard the words R said and everything else in between.

i lit my stick slowly and looked L in the eye.

"it was cheating"
 to be continued...

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