Wednesday, July 20, 2011

|| cheat·ing || - - - [ part 2 ]

justifying the act of cheating is a never ending rebuttal of questioning reasons for vague thoughts of what society perceives or mandates a relationship to be.

judgment after an assumption. truth behind a lie or the other way around. either or, one point of the other on another. relationships will always have its fair share of pain, anger, misery and the rest of the company. (am not being cynical, am being realistic and honest in what normally happens within relationships. not just romantic relationships, even friendships and those with colleagues and family members. pain is normal, anger is normal, having emotions are what makes us human.)

i drift back to reality after reaching a sweet escape into mindless selfishness after my first puff. "cheating. cheating. cheating. cheating."

i believe cheating to be part of life's undying cycle. people cheat, people get cheated on. couples learn valuable lessons and let go of shameful memories. some think of cheating as the end of a relationship while others find it rather intriguing from a different angle.

the guilt of a two faced man devouring ill values during the orchestration of tempting oneself to be engulfed by the hedonist facade of cheating as an act.

given the thought of cheating, compromises of it having possible justification or momentary grievance, i ask myself. whats in it after cheating?

(to be continued // anatomy of a cheating man...)


Anonymous said...

you look very handsome in your new profile pic!

P said...

bolerooooo!!!! sows!