Monday, September 13, 2010

*thou shall not fuck thy neighbor's husbandry*

i had a dream.
a sweet succulent dream.
i dreamt of you.
your sweet delicious lips.
those eyes that tinker on the moonlight's glitter.
i devoured you.

i had a dream.
the night sings a lullaby.
a tune we'll never forget.
crazy running.
great expectations.
your scent that lingers.
i engulfed your manhood.

oh sweet mary mother of god jesus.
i had a dream.
and it involves eating you alive.


and another attempt indeed. tragically, i can't write sexual stuff in that weird poetic way. anywho, everyone was outside the office, me being the nosy little twat that i admittedly am, i could'nt help but feel obliged to stick my nose up everyone else's business. so indeed, i ran up the heights of towering tragedies and went out looking like a whore in my ultra short boxers and a tiny shirt for sleeping.

ohhhh la la laaaaaa. a boy walking his dog. that sweet boy-next-door-with-semi-raunchy-look was indeed hotter than ever. first encounter with him was pretty brief. he came up to me and asked if the civic which was parked outside his place was mine. i said no. and then the second time, i was up the veranda at around 3 in the morning and he walked around topless. mmmm. yummyness.

this time, he was just walking the dog. wearing basketball shorts and a lousy shirt though i am seriously imagining him naked, in versace briefs and hermes flip flops. a man to devour indeed. he was a bit sweaty and didnt look my way since i was with the whole office.

mmmmm, i scream L!!!! come out! you havta see this! and i pointed at him. im seriously fantasizing about naked him in my bed. tragic! but oh oh oh. i know he aint straight baby! those looks that scream "eat me" seriously comes out of him naturally.

anyway, another sad lonely day for me.

hugs and cock licking.

(btw, the pic posted above is definitely not the neighbor. thanks dear C for letting me use the sweet picture)

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