Saturday, July 17, 2010

*am i just lonely?*

In times of grief and drama, the people you normally run to wouldn’t always be there. They may be there in spirit but in the end, you run for your life alone. It may sound tragic, emotionally disturbing, pessimistic, sad or at most, lonely. The dreaded word we’ve all been brushing off. Sometimes even trying to forget what the word itself means. But that’s the truth. The reality in between surreal worlds. Lonely.

In many circumstances, life has yet been unfair. I have seen the worst of it but it happens, accepting it is the harder leg of life’s journey.

I try to look back and feel a glimpse of the past in my body. Every emotion ive felt, good or bad. Every memory of people gone and passed. Everything that I thought mattered. Nostalgia at its finest indeed. Yet questions remain. Did I ever try to find meaning in everything I did? Do I try to find meaning in what I do now? Or silly as I may possibly get, did I commit such rebelry without an actual cause?

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